Risk Management Committee

Resolution was passed during Board of Directors’ Meeting No. 10/2015 to establish Risk Management Committee. The purpose of the Risk Management Committee is to perform centralized oversight and policy setting of risk management activities and to provide communication to the Board of Directors regarding important risks and related risk management activities. Members of the Risk Management Committee are as followings:

Name Position Title Number of Attendance
/ Number of Meetings
1. Mr. Siri Gajarerndee Chairman of Risk Management Committee (Independent Director) 3/3
2. Mr. Roland Pang Tze Vui Risk Management Committee Member 3/3
3. Mr. Lee Chye Tek Lionel Risk Management Committee Member 2/3
4. Mr. Lee Chye Cheng Adrian* Risk Management Committee Member 3/3
5. Mr. Sataporn Amornvorapak** Member and Secretary of Risk Management Committee 3/3


* Mr. Lee Chye Cheng Adrian was appointed as Acting Chief Executive Officer from 18th June 2016

** Mr. Sataporn Amornvorapak was appointed as member and secretary of Risk Management Committee from 11th May 2016

Mr. Sataporn Amornvorapak, Chief Finance Officer, is the secretary of Risk Management Committee.

Scope of Authority, Duties and Responsibilities of the Risk Management Committee
  1. To review the risk management processes and mitigation measures and to review the Group's business and compliance risk assessment plans adopted by the Management and propose to the Board by the Chairman of the RMC.
  2. To carry out such other duties as may be delegated to it by the Board.

The term of the members of the RMC, including the Chairman, shall be 3 (three) years which will coincide with their terms on the Board. Any retiring RMC member shall be eligible for reappointment. In the event of the members of the RMC including the Chairman resigning/retiring before the expiry of their term, the vacancy will be filled at the discretion of the RMC and their successor will hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term of their predecessor on the RMC.